Sometime during my first year of grad school I messed about with writing my own version of Dr. Mario. My starting program was written in c++ using the SDL library. This was largely customizable, allowing the user to change most of the aspects of the game (even create their own rules for winning). After that, I reworked what I could to a Java version of the program that you can play with online. If you want to watch the combinations happen, from my pictures, the Java version has them built in (or you can write your own). My original intention with making these programs (particularly the c++ version that let people write their own programs to act as the players) was to establish a base system that would let me try to write my own artificial player. That has, sadly, yet to come about. Perhaps there's still time.

Anyway, without further ado: here is the source code for my most recent version of the c++ program. If you'd rather, click here for the online Java version. Note: you should get a security popup before this program loads. The program is set up to let you create your own game file, and you have to give the program permission to read the information from your computer. If you didn't say 'Ok', or whatever, for the security question, the rest of the program should still work.

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